The services of FOCUS have helped those in need in our community for many years. Combining our services under one roof will make our efforts collaboratively more efficient. Our clients will benefit by having to come to only one location to get assistance with food insecurity. Our vision is to have clients come to The Neighborhood Table portion of the new location for a good home-cooked meal, then stop by the South Wood Emerging Pantry Shelf area to pick up food for the family.

MORE REASONS WHY YOUR SUPPORT is needed for our new location:

  • Easier for volunteers to help at multiple services
  • Easier for donors to drop off food donations and other products
  • Allows for additional resources that also serve the disadvantage
  • Reduces the expense of multiple landlords and overhead costs
  • Provides needed space for current programs that have outgrown their locations
  • Provides a dedicated unloading area and commercial kitchen
  • Provides a dining room area to seat 150 more at one time
  • Provides efficient temperature-controlled food storage
  • Allows an area to display and distribute fresh produce
  • Allows rooms for education and privacy in consulting with clients




SWEPS – at the pantry, we need help with processing incoming food donations, sorting food, sweeping and mopping food areas, and gathering foods to distribute to clients. Drivers are also needed to drive our van locally to make food pickups. Contact: swepsfoodpantry@solarus.net.



TNT – our free meal service offers a number of volunteer positions to choose from: meal coordinators, meal preparation, meal servers, to-go meals assembling, dishwashing, meal cleanup, closing the meal area once a meal is all complete, helping with the ODC towel exchange, and helping with inventory management. Contact: Bonnie Lewis.



RFP – the backpack program needs volunteers throughout the school year to assemble foods in backpacks for distribution on Fridays and gather up the empty backpacks on Monday.
Contact: Barb Bondioli.